One of the earliest critique Agile being very good for projects, but not for BAU activities. How could a helpdesk be Agile or how could the server team work in an Agile way? I always worked in projects, so it was clear to me that Agile can be used effectively for iterative-incremental software development – but struggled as well to understand how does it work for the whole organisation.

The more I learned about Agile, the more I realised it’s not just a software development methodology, but a different approach to work. There are tools Agile provides to deliver real business benefit early. Just to mention a few that can be useful in any work environment where there is a team:

  • Daily stand-ups. 15 minutes will not take away much time, but can add a lot of value to understand what are the goals for the day, how we’re tracking. Make sure, it’s not 30 minutes… This can be facilitated by an Agile coach in the first weeks – but people will learn the objectives of this meeting and run themselves.
  • Team co-location. If it’s possible, work together with the people you need. Pop-up teams can be very effective, when dealing with business problems.
  • Face-to-face communication: Tired of receiving hundreds of e-mails a day? Why not ask in person? Trust is very important in an Agile team, and you should NOT be focusing on covering your backside (if you have to do, there is more work to do – and showing that you trust can make wonders). In the Agile world we have to learn to trust each other and work as a team to deliver.

But you might have better ideas on what tools could we start using to be a leaner helpdesk or IT operations. I welcome any good ideas or constructive feedback as I want to learn just as much as I share my experience.