Seven years ago I asked my good friend, what does she recommend to do with my career. She thought I would be a great Agile project manager. I had limited knowledge of agile methodologies back then, but still remember clearly her advice. Not long after our discussion I started a job that had lots of traditional, waterfall projects. In the few last years I have talked to my different bosses about discovering Agile, but despite their efforts Agile never gained a momentum. Fortunately about a year ago, the new Program Director (today CIO) came from an environment that strongly supported Agile. I didn’t hesitate to use the chance and participated in our first pilot project. I loved the experience and later I even set up my Kanban wall at home. 

This blog is about my personal journey with Agile. I am still at the start of my journey, so if you have any advice, please share it with me.