While we have external Agile coaches at our company, I was curious what other companies and people do. With the company we visited REA Group and MYOB to learn about their Agile practices and transformation. As a private person I joined LinkedIn groups, purchased a few books (see in upcoming posts), watched YouTube videos and recently started going to Meetups.

Meetups provide fantastic opportunity for networking and connecting to people interested in a certain subject. There are heaps of meetups at www.meetup.com, you just need to register and set the location that you’re interested in. Search for a topic (let’s say #Agile) and you’ll find a number of interesting groups. I’ve joined a few of them and started going to the meetings. There are some that I have enjoyed and a few that I will probably skip in the future. The format of the meetups are different. There are some that run in a coffee club format, some have a certain topic for each meeting with someone presenting. I encourage trying a few and go to the ones where you can add the most value and where you can learn and grow.

There are also interesting conferences coming up. Agile Australia is one that unfortunately can’t attend it this year, but most likely it will be quite interesting (it has a price tag though). LAST and Dare conferences definitely sound interesting and hopefully I can make it to them.

Which one is your favourite meetup?

If you are in Melbourne (Au), I recommend these ones:

And will try a few more in the upcoming months…