About me

My name is Gabor Devenyi, and I am an IT professional / manager. I have been in IT for my whole¬†career. I spent a number of years with testing software (or managing teams of software testers), management consulting and project management. While I’ve heard about Agile in the mid 2000s, I’ve been actively involved only since 2012. But the more I learned about Agile values, principles and practices and the more I used it at work and at home, the more I liked it.

While I became a certified Scrum master and later SAFe Agilist, I believe that the values and the principles recorded in the Agile manifesto is the core of Agile. This blog is about my journey and my experience with Agile practices. Sometimes I will be right, sometimes I will be wrong. But I am not afraid to fail and to be wrong. Whether you agree or disagree with me, please share your thoughts.

Gabor Devenyi

Gabor Devenyi (that’s a good photo, in real life I am a bit older now and have a different haircut :-))