Agile, Lean, Kanban, SCRUM, Continuous delivery have become buzzwords in the last few years. As always, when there is value behind an idea, people jump on the bandwagon and advertise themselves as experts in those ideas.

There are sales guys (no offence to people working in sales), who understand the idea and re-brand their services and products using the Agile principles as selling points. They know that customers like to hear certain buzzwords (collaboration, lean, customer value, empowerment, etc.) and they sell with these words without knowing much or without being interested in the outcome. But there are more people, full of enthusiasm for Agile, that want to share their experience and make organisations more successful.

And that enthusiasm is what I experienced at the LAST conference. Most of the presentations I attended were truly about sharing knowledge, pitching new ideas, emphasising lean/agile values. They were not about selling X software products or about offering coaching services. The people I met showed true interest. The whole conference¬†had a “community gathering” feeling about it. The sponsors (like Elabor8) truly believe that they can “optimise the value of technology investment” or “align strategy and development so that releases deliver the most valuable features in your roadmap”.

One of the many reasons I like to be part of the Agile community in Melbourne, because it’s not about selling, it’s about sharing.

Why do you like to keep in touch with the people promoting agile / lean / etc. practices?