Build high-performing and motivated teams

- Gabor Devenyi, Agile Coach -

These are the talks and workshops I currently offer. However, I am customising these talks to fit the audience and the theme of the conference.
Reach out to me, if I can help you at a lunch&learn session, corporate event or if you’d like to learn more.

Talk Title

Talk Type


Short Description

People Power


30-40 minutes

To build high performing teams, you need a diverse team that is built on strengths, purpose and appreciation.

Break the Walls Down


90 minutes

Simple but effective games to break down silos and help people to understand the impact of collaboration.

Build on your strengths


20 minutes

Our corporate processes are built on improving weaknesses. How wonderful would it be if we could build on what we're good at and enjoy to do.

The 5 Agile monkeys

Lightning Talk

5 minutes

Behavioural anti-patterns in Agile implementations.