The company I work for invited external consultants to help us with our Agile transformation. There was a lot of noise, from the “why do we need consultants?” to “why do they put lots of post-its on the wall?”. The first jokes were about “Agile being putting post-its on the wall and increasing our stationery costs”.

Obviously we didn’t know much in the first period and these comments were natural. I didn’t worry about the cynicism that much as I knew, we will have more and more visibility of what’s happening and why do we need those post-it notes.

Since I was curious, I went to YouTube and watched a few videos about Agile (and Scrum). This one was a pretty good summary: This short video helped me to be able to participate in Agile related conversations.

Then I started to look at the post-it notes, and what’s on them. One of the my favourite wall we created is the Program wall. It has all the projects that we are planning to run or we’re currently running. Before I heard people talking about the projects in lengthy meetings and saw a few spreadsheets with the list of projects . But these Excel sheets were different every single time, and could never find a single source of truth. Now the wall is always visible and I always know, what projects are we planning to run. As a test manager I was often approached quite late in the SDLC and had no idea about projects that were already underway. Now I have much less unexpected work and I am aware of upcoming projects. Never thought that post-its can work better than a spreadsheet :-).